‘Who will accompany me?’

Who will accompany me

on this journey

to the underworld?


will put on a cloak of shadows?

Who will consent to leave the light,

and enter willingly

into the dead of night?

Who will accompany me?

And who

will abandon safety,

comfort, and the known,

and turn away

from the sweet lights of home.

Who will accompany me?

‘Not any of those

who have not felt their own


and your journey

is your own.’

So who will unravel

the tangled thread of the years

and loosen the knots

and be there

when the pain sears?

Who will accompany me

when I am mystified,

when I no longer know,

what makes my heart beat

or my heart flow?

Who will accompany me?

Who will make sure

that I don’t lose the spool

of my life thus far,

that I don’t fall

into the chasm of night,


with no star light?

Hush, child;

I shall accompany you,

I shall be there

with you,

even when you are most


On this strange journey

you will not be alone,

take courage, take heart,

you will leave home to find

within you

an infinite home.

And who will accompany me

when the way falters and fall

over the steep drops, when I am blocked

by desolate, forbidding walls?

When friends disappear

when no one is here

when morning grows drear

when it grows late

when Death waits at the gate ….

Who will accompany me?

Child, I shall …..

© IDF Andrew 


‘For the God that I love, is within’