Stepping across the Equinox

Walking near dusk the other day, there was something about the quality of light at sunset that stirred me, and I realised that it was that tantalising tug of spring in the air and in my blood.

It’s a compelling time, this pivot point of light and dark, enchanting in its promise of spring. It’s like that moment of waking in the morning, that liminal place between the realm of subconscious dreams and the conscious world of action and alarm clocks, and just like morning waking, the equinox can jar a little too.

It forces transition, from the introversion of darkness that has held us, offered us rest and a deepening into ourselves and our dreams, and forces us to extrovert, turn outwards and increase our activity and interaction.

It can so easily become a point of disconnection – just as we all too often forget our dreams upon waking, and increasingly disconnect our subconscious and conscious realities.

Our mythology speaks about the importance of balance and proper relationship between the otherworld and the real world: between humans and the tylwyth teg (fair folk), Princes and Lords of Anwfn (the Celtic Otherworld) and so on. It challenges us to hold mythos the world of dreams, myth, symbolism, subconscious and instinct and logos, the logic of everyday rationality, action and interaction in balance in our lives, weaving the two together harmoniously.

In this fast paced, chaotic ‘post truth’, ‘false news’ world that we live in, finding such a balance is perhaps more difficult and yet more important than ever. Learning to draw the dreaming and introspection of the dark half of the year through the equinox pivot to act as an intelligent foundation for our action and interactions in this world is a fundamentally about being true to ourselves. And so, at this cyhydnos to use its Welsh name, I can think of no better wish than this: that we consciously and confidently bring our dreaming through to the light, and find ways of manifesting the best of ourselves as the days lengthen.

If you’d like to find out more about the balance between ‘logos’ and ‘mythos’, you might like to consider joining the next Return to Centre retreat in May this year. To find out more, click here: Return to Centre






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